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brlapi_writeStruct -




#include <brlapi.h>

    Data Fields

    int displayNumber    
unsigned int regionBegin    
unsigned int regionSize    
char * text    
int textSize    
unsigned char * attrAnd    
unsigned char * attrOr    
int cursor    
char * charset

Detailed Description

brlapi_writeStruct, replaced by brlapi_writeArguments_t

Field Documentation

unsigned char* brlapi_writeStruct::attrAnd

unsigned char* brlapi_writeStruct::attrOr

char* brlapi_writeStruct::charset

int brlapi_writeStruct::cursor

int brlapi_writeStruct::displayNumber

unsigned int brlapi_writeStruct::regionBegin

unsigned int brlapi_writeStruct::regionSize

char* brlapi_writeStruct::text

int brlapi_writeStruct::textSize


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