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Media Sizes
     Common English paper sizes
     Common photographic paper sizes
     International Paper Sizes (mostly taken from BS4000:1968)
     US CAD standard paper sizes
     Sizes for book production
     Paperback sizes in common usage
     Miscellaneous sizes
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Gimp-Print supports many different media (paper) sizes. All of the currently supported media sizes are listed below. The default media size is "Letter".


    Common English paper sizes

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
LetterLetter8.5in x 11in612792
LegalLegal8.5in x 14in6121008
TabloidTabloid11in x 17in7921224
ExecutiveExecutive7.25in x 10.5in522756
PostcardPostcard100mm x 147mm283416
w216h3603x5 216360
w288h4324x6 288432
w324h495Epson 4x6 Photo Paper 324495
w360h5045x7 360504
w360h5765x8 360576
8x108x10 576720
StatementManual5.5in x 8.5in396612
TabloidExtra12x18 8641296
SuperB13x19 9361368

    Common photographic paper sizes

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w576h8648x12Sometimes used for 35 mm576864
w792h100811x14 7921008
w1152h144016x20 11521440
w1152h172816x2420x24 for 35 mm11521728
w1440h172820x24 14401728
w1440h216020x3024x30 for 35 mm14402160
w1728h216024x30 17282160
w1728h259224x36Sometimes used for 35 mm17282592
w2160h288030x40 21602880

    International Paper Sizes (mostly taken from BS4000:1968)

"A" series: Paper and boards, trimmed sizes.

"A" sizes are in the ratio 1 : sqrt(2). A0 has a total area of 1 square metre. Everything is rounded to the nearest millimetre. Thus, A0 is 841mm x 1189mm. Every other A size is obtained by doubling or halving another A size.

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w4768h67494A1682mm x 2378mm47686749
w3370h47682A1189mm x 1682mm33704768
A0A0841mm x 1189mm23843370
A1A1594mm x 841mm16842384
A2A2420mm x 594mm11911684
A3A3297mm x 420mm8421191
A4A4210mm x 297mm595842
A5A5148mm x 210mm420595
A6A6105mm x 148mm297420
A7A774mm x 105mm210297
A8A852mm x 74mm148210
A9A937mm x 52mm105148
A10A1026mm x 37mm73105
Stock sizes for normal trims. Allowance for trim is 3 millimetres.
w2437h3458RA0860mm x 1220mm24373458
w1729h2437RA1610mm x 860mm17292437
w1218h1729RA2430mm x 610mm12181729
w864h1218RA3305mm x 430mm8641218
w609h864RA4215mm x 305mm609864
Stock sizes for bled work or extra trims.
w2551h3628SRA0900mm x 1280mm25513628
w1814h2551SRA1640mm x 900mm18142551
w1275h1814SRA2450mm x 640mm12751814
w907h1275SRA3320mm x 450mm9071275
w637h907SRA4225mm x 320mm637907

"B" series: Posters, wall charts and similar items.

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w5669h80164B ISO2000mm x 2828mm56698016
w4008h56692B ISO1414mm x 2000mm40085669
ISOB0B0 ISO1000mm x 1414mm28344008
ISOB1B1 ISO707mm x 1000mm20042834
ISOB2B2 ISO500mm x 707mm14172004
ISOB3B3 ISO353mm x 500mm10001417
ISOB4B4 ISO250mm x 353mm7081000
ISOB5B5 ISO176mm x 250mm498708
ISOB6B6 ISO125mm x 176mm354498
ISOB7B7 ISO88mm x 125mm249354
ISOB8B8 ISO62mm x 88mm175249
ISOB9B9 ISO44mm x 62mm124175
ISOB10B10 ISO31mm x 44mm87124
B0B0 JIS 29194127
B1B1 JIS 20632919
B2B2 JIS 14592063
B3B3 JIS 10291459
B4B4 JIS 7271029
B5B5 JIS 518727
B6B6 JIS 362518
B7B7 JIS 257362
B8B8 JIS 180257
B9B9 JIS 127180
B10B10 JIS 90127

"C" series: Envelopes or folders suitable for A size stationery.

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
C0C0917mm x 1297mm25993676
C1C1648mm x 917mm18362599
C2C2458mm x 648mm12981836
C3C3324mm x 458mm9181298
C4C4229mm x 324mm649918
C5C5162mm x 229mm459649
w354h918B6-C4125mm x 324mm354918
C6C6114mm x 162mm323459
DLDL110mm x 220mm311623
w229h459C7-681mm x 162mm229459
C7C781mm x 114mm229323
C8C857mm x 81mm161229
C9C940mm x 57mm113161
C10C1028mm x 40mm79113

    US CAD standard paper sizes

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
ARCHA_transverseArchA transverse12x9in864648
ARCHB_transverseArchB transverse18x12in1296864
ARCHC_transverseArchC transverse24x18in17281296
ARCHD_transverseArchD transverse36x24in25921728
ARCHE_transverseArchE transverse48x36in34562592


Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w612h936American foolscap 612936
w648h936European foolscap 648936

    Sizes for book production

The BPIF and the Publishers Association jointly recommend ten standard metric sizes for case-bound titles as follows:

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w535h697Crown Quarto189mm x 246mm535697
w569h731Large Crown Quarto201mm x 258mm569731
w620h782Demy Quarto219mm x 276mm620782
w671h884Royal Quarto237mm x 312mm671884
w348h527Crown Octavo123mm x 186mm348527
w365h561Large Crown Octavo129mm x 198mm365561
w391h612Demy Octavo138mm x 216mm391612
w442h663Royal Octavo156mm x 234mm442663

    Paperback sizes in common usage

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w314h504Small paperback111mm x 178mm314504
w314h513Penguin small paperback111mm x 181mm314513
w365h561Penguin large paperback129mm x 198mm365561

    Miscellaneous sizes

Media SizeDescriptionCommentx(pt)y(pt)
w283h420Hagaki Card100 x 148 mm283420
w420h567Oufuku Card148 x 200 mm420567
w340h666Long 3Japanese long envelope #3340666
w255h581Long 4Japanese long envelope #4255581
w680h941KakuJapanese Kaku envelope #4680941
COM10Commercial 10US Commercial 10 env297684
w315h414A2 InvitationUS A2 invitation315414


Copyright © 2001 Michael Sweet ([email protected]) and Robert Krawitz ([email protected])

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This manual page was written by Roger Leigh ([email protected])


gimpprint-color(7), gimpprint-dithers(7), gimpprint-imagetypes(7), gimpprint-inktypes(7), gimpprint-mediasources(7), gimpprint-mediatypes(7), gimpprint-models(7), gimpprint-resolutions(7).


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

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